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My Soul Care is Sacred

Feeling overwhelmed and in need of a little soul care?

United Women in Faith surveyed women of all ages, ethnicities and cultures and found that WOMEN are seeking experiences that embody both self-care and spiritual rejuvenation, what we call Soul Care.

Are you ready to experience Soul Care?

Soul Care is a new element found in United Women in Faith programs like Mission u, Assembly and Leadership Development Days.

Soul Care Retreats

We are now offering soul care retreats tailored uniquely to women of different ages, interests and cultures. This new event is for member enrichment and is also a pathway to connect with new women focused on giving care to your whole person – mind, body and spirit.

  • Sisterhood: Our new retreat model allows authentic, spiritual, safe-space connections with other women.
  • Relevance: Insightful speakers and inspiring doers offering new, relatable content connected to faith, social justice, sisterhood and more.
  • Growth: Unique and meaningful experiences to stretch your thinking and increase your awareness of the Divine’s presence in your life.
  • Women-led: Exciting new spaces for women, made by women
  • Take a peek at our award-winning manual. You can purchase the manual here.

Come join us in person or virtually where we explore nurturing the whole self. We design our retreats as tailored experiences assembled around age, culture or interest. We offer space for fun, connecting with new women, self-care and spiritual rejuvenation.

Ready to be in Soul Care community?

Ready to host your own retreat?

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