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What We Do


We equip women for leadership

In our sisterhood, we lift each other up.

We equip women and girls around the world to be leaders—in their communities, their agencies, their governments, and their churches.

We are committed to ensure these opportunities reach women of all races and ethnicities, across every language and economic group.

Our leadership development, resources and training include:

  • Leadership Development Days through a holistic weekend that builds on women’s skills and further prepares them to lead in United Women in Faith, in the church and in society.
  • Training for Language Coordinators for members whose first language is not English.
  • Support for U.S. partners and programs providing education and leadership development opportunities for women and youth.
  • Support for international partners providing leadership development training and economic development opportunities for women and youth.
Get Involved


United Women in Faith hosts lively and interactive workshops on a wide variety of inspiring and relevant topics for worship, education, outreach and advocacy.

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