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Mass Incarceration

Interrupt the School-to-Prison Pipeline Campaign

The school-to-prison pipeline is a term describing how children and youth of color are rerouted and funneled away from educational success toward the criminal justice system when they are overpoliced and punished in schools.

To successfully interrupt the school-to-prison pipeline, we must resist efforts to criminalize children of color and move toward comprehensive, community-rooted solutions that offer genuine safety for all children.


Support the Counseling Not Criminalization in Schools Act

This bill would shift federal funding away from harmful, criminalizing approaches (police in schools). Instead, it would make available a pool of federal funding to meet student needs and improve school climate through evidence-based, age-appropriate, trauma-informed practice. 

The Gospel calls us to interrupt the school-to-prison pipeline. Urge your representative and senators to sign on as co-sponsors for the Counseling Not Criminalization in Schools Act with one click.

Urge Your Representative to Support the Ending PUSHOUT Act

Our legislators have a unique opportunity to help end school pushout by supporting H.R.2248, the Ending Punitive, Unfair, School-based Harm that is Overt and Unresponsive to Trauma (PUSHOUT) Act of 2021. The Ending PUSHOUT Act: creates a $2.5 billion fund to incentivize schools and states to abandon unfair and discriminatory disciplinary policies and practices that push children of color out of the classroom; strengthens civil rights monitoring and enforcement; and establishes a task force to address school pushout, with particular attention to the needs of girls of color. Participating states and schools would be supported to invest in restorative practices, trauma-informed care, counselors, social workers and mental health professionals. Funds could not be used for police in schools. While this bill is not a one-and-done fix, it would be a substantial step forward in the ongoing work of interrupting the school-to-prison pipeline and ending school pushout.

Send an email today to encourage your federal congressperson to sign on as a co-sponsor of the Ending PUSHOUT Act today!

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