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Third Sunday in Lent

Sunday, March 20
Isaiah 55:1-9
Luke 13:1-9

In witness to the joy found in encountering God, Deaconess and Regional Missionary Emma Cantor shares the testimony of Wenelyn Solis, a participant in United Women in Faith’s  economic empowerment program in the Philippines. 

Wenelyn Solis: Chicken and Duck Raising

“Come, all you who are thirsty, come to the waters; and you who have no money, come, buy and eat!”
-Isaiah 55:1

The grace of the Lord is sufficient, supplying all my needs — from the food we eat and the water we drink to helping me be empowered economically as a young mother.

I am Wenelyn Solis, 23 years old from Cagayan Valley, Philippines. I am blessed that I am chosen under the initiative of Missionary Emma Cantor to be one of the recipients of the economic empowerment program of the United Women in Faith in the Philippines. During the pandemic, it was frustrating for me to find a stable job where I could earn a living. I was depressed and weary about what would happen to us if this pandemic situation lasted. I was so hopeless for myself and my child. My faith was tested during these times but I kept leaning on God, asking God to guide me and send me grace and love for my everyday struggles. God had never forsaken me, instead God blessed me beyond measure.

January 12, 2021 United Methodist Women in Faith in the Philippines interviewed me for the program. I was then very hopeful. God helped me plan for my economic project to be set up. So, the money they gave me was used in Poultry Raising. Back then I just had 10 ducks and 10 chickens. I focused on this economic business where I learned about many natural ways of taking care of the birds and their ways of living. I started searching and reading books which could be helpful for me in raising my poultry. With prayer and compassion for my work, over time I was able to develop my poultry business.  As of this moment I have 23 ducks and 16 chickens. I started selling eggs within my community and also chicken meat.

I am thankful to United Women in Faith that I was able to conquer my fear in sustaining the needs of my family. I am now confident in raising my child without worrying about the future. I am thankful for this opportunity to earn a living and work toward a greater role in economic participation in my community and for the good of my family. Truly, God is so amazing to touch people’s lives, to help the needy and the weary.

I pray to God for more women around the world to be economically empowered and become leaders of communities and churches, and encourage more young women in their neighborhood.

Litany of Commitment

by Emma Cantor

We raise our voices to you dear God, our Creator
We affirm life as your gift to children, women, and men
We commit to love one another, our way to life!
We affirm our unity, care to God’s Creation
We affirm our strength, courage, and care to humanity
We affirm our solidarity of peace upon the earth!
We offer our peace, courage, and power
We offer our friendship, talents, and ministries
In your name we dedicate our lives for sake of your Kingdom, Amen!

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