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May/June response: What is Bold Giving?

Attitude and a generous heart are more important than the size of the gift.

by Christi Campos

As United Women in Faith we are called to act boldly. It takes bold actions to make a positive impact in our social justice and mission work. It takes bold acts of faith and love to make change. And it takes bold giving to accomplish our current work and the work of the future. Which brings up the question, what exactly is “bold giving”?

We all know the story of the poor widow’s selfless offering described in Mark 12:41-44. While many rich people were putting large sums into the treasury, Jesus points out to the disciples that the widow’s two copper coins she gave were all she had to live on and therefore her gift was worth more than all those who contributed. This is certainly an example of bold, sacrificial giving.

The Legacy Endowment Fund is a permanently invested endowment that will forever be a source of income for United Women in Faith. There are many ways to contribute to the Legacy Endowment Fund. You can make a one-time contribution, pledge to give monthly, or make a planned gift.
Please contact us if you have questions or need additional information.
United Women in Faith Development Office
475 Riverside Drive, Suite 1500
New York, NY 10115

Because we each have varied personal resources, our giving is as personal as our diaries, checkbooks, and prayer journals. It is when we reach, when we are good stewards of our personal finances and can then give more, perhaps sacrificing something else to increase giving even while the cost of living increases, that is when our giving becomes bold. Bold giving is understanding the need to secure the future of our vital work. Bold giving is being called to action and responding in faith.

For United Women in Faith, bold giving is built into our shared DNA. Ever since our foremothers put two pennies and prayer together in 1869 to send missionaries to India, we have continued to give boldly to make missions happen; today, we do so to secure the future of that work through the Legacy Endowment Fund.

“Boldness comes from the relationship we have with Jesus Christ. Bold giving is extending this Christ-like relationship to the women, children, and youth our mission ministry serves. I am truly humbled by the joy experienced with each giving opportunity,” says Paulette Moore-Hall, one of our generous Trifecta Donors who are boldly giving in all three of the Legacy Endowment Fund giving categories. Moore-Hall gives monthly as a Legacy Builder, makes pledge payments on a major gift as a Friend of Legacy, and has made (and increased) a planned gift as an 1869 Society member.

“Our foremothers started this journey more than 150 years ago, with each step we will continue for another 150 years,” states Moore-Hall. “I am aware that by giving through United Women in Faith, our actions have impacted and improved the lives of many. The joy of giving is not about the size of the gift, it is the attitude of the giver with a generous heart. I invite you to join me and others who are on this journey.”

Deaconess Christi Campos is executive for development and donor relations.

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