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Sally Vonner

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Sally Vonner speaks with UM News

This story was originally published by UM News.

UM News staff report

Sally Vonner, who was installed in 2023 as the top executive of United Women in Faith, sat down with UM News to discuss the origins of the women’s agency, its continued role in equipping leaders and advocating for equality, and her vision for the agency’s ministry going forward.

What is United Women in Faith?

Vonner discusses how the women’s agency lives into its tagline: “We believe love in action can change the world.”

How did United Women in Faith start?

Vonner retells the origin story of the women’s agency, beginning with “a dark and stormy night in Boston.”

The influence of United Women in Faith

From advocating for racial justice and just equality for women to equipping United Methodist leaders, United Women in Faith has influenced the church in many ways.

Who has inspired you?

Though they never got a chance to meet, Vonner has always lifted up the work and spirit of Theressa Hoover, one of the pioneers of the creation of the women’s organization.

What would surprise people about United Women in Faith?

Vonner says there was some confusion when the agency changed its name from United Methodist Women to United Women in Faith, but she describes the long, thoughtful process that led to the decision.

What does the future hold for United Women in Faith?

In spite of the uncertainty facing The United Methodist Church, Vonner is optimistic that there is growth coming and the women’s agency has plans to continue its leadership.

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