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2014-2021 Press Releases

United Methodist Women Acknowledges Chevron’s Announcement to Set Greenhouse Gas Targets and Link Executive Compensation to Those Targets, But Urges Company to Go Further

For Immediate Release

Statement from Harriett Jane Olson, General Secretary and CEO, United Methodist Women

NEW YORK — Today, United Methodist Women, one of the largest networks of lay women of faith, acknowledged Chevron’s decision to set greenhouse gas emissions targets and link executive compensation to those targets. The recent IPPC report stresses the urgency of limiting warming to 1.5°C, which cannot be achieved without ambitious targets. In an earlier letter to Chevron, United Methodist Women urged the company to advocate sound policies and support regulations on methane emissions. The group issued the following statement:

“Chevron is making strides in joining industry peers in pledging to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and link executive compensation to those reductions. We recognize their early work, and we remind the company that our nation is in a climate change state of crisis. Swift action is required now.

“If Chevron is serious about addressing the challenge of methane, it should both set ambitious targets, and advocate for regulation by urging the Environmental Protection Agency to continue directly regulating methane.

“We cannot wholeheartedly celebrate the decision to link executive compensation to reductions in greenhouse gas emissions without clarity and confidence that Chevron will also urge championing the regulation of methane emissions– in accordance with their commitment via the Guiding Principles.

“Our members and women and children around the world are being impacted by climate change and deserve confidence that this is a first step for Chevron, not the last. We continue to urge Chevron to move to the vanguard, taking urgent and far ranging actions to eliminate greenhouse gas emissions.”


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