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women in india

Sept./Oct. response: Vellore Christian Medical College Hospital, India

Nursing scholars embark upon inspiring and compassionate journeys. by Nile Sprague and  Mary Beth Coudal Visitors patiently line up at the Christian Medical College …

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Sally Vonner

Sept./Oct. response: “Is Anything too Wonderful for God?”

Meet the new general secretary and CEO of United Women in Faith. Listen to “Sept./Oct. response: Is Anything too Wonderful for God” on Spreaker. …

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July/August response: Crossroads Urban Center

Organization helps Salt Lake City’s unhoused by Nile Sprague with Audrey Stanton-Smith It’s a cold, rainy morning at Crossroads Urban Center in downtown Salt …

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A woman and children around a table.

July/August response: The Vision of a Gift

National Mission Institutions provide an example of stepping out in faith. by Shannon Priddy We have a vision that is amazing and exciting. We …

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Sally Vonner and Cynthia Rives

July/August response: Responsively Yours

Leading Into the Future by Sally Vonner Joy, Joy, Joy! I have joy down in my heart! This best describes how excited and honored …

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150 next logo

May/June response: What is Bold Giving?

Attitude and a generous heart are more important than the size of the gift. by Christi Campos As United Women in Faith we are …

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Harriett Jane Olson

May/June response: Responsively Yours

Gifts are an Essential Component of Responding by Harriett Jane Olson Let’s talk about Mission Giving. Mission Giving supports local, district, Conference, and national …

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Yvette Richards and Jennifer Long pray together at the 2019 General Conference in St. Louis.

May/June response: What’s Happening in The United Methodist Church?

Amid exits and misinformation, change is a chance for hope and renewal. by Tara Barnes It’s a time of change and transition in The …

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Ilka Vega with young activist and artist Ayisha Siddiqa from Pakistan.

March/April response: Faces of Climate Action

Intergenerational women leaders and local communities are needed to tackle climate crisis. by Ilka Vega Here’s to strong women. May we know them. May …

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inside of a jail call

March/April response: Follow Long-time Mississippi Leaders Calling for End to Corporal Punishment

Dignity in Schools campaign is committed to ending school pushout. by Emily Jones On Nov. 15, 2022, United Women in Faith hosted a workshop …

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