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Move 4 Mission Today!

Join us today by hosting or participating in a Move 4 Mission fundraiser!

Move 4 Mission is an inspiring fundraiser hosted by United Women in Faith (UWFaith) groups. This engaging event unites sisters of faith through a variety of delightful activities, whether it’s walking, running, dancing, chair exercising, knitting, Zumba, hiking, or any other fun endeavor. By taking part, you’re not only promoting health and wellness but also raising essential funds to support programs that uplift women, children, and youth. Your involvement fosters a stronger, more supportive community, and every contribution makes a significant impact. Let’s come together, get moving, and make a difference!

Marilyn Eyster at her Church Move 4 Mission walking event.
Marilyn Eyster and friends at her church’s Move 4 Mission walking event.

Who is Invited?

You! And absolutely everyone is welcome to join in moving for a cause! Move 4 Mission is inclusive and welcomes all to join in the fun. Beginner or professional, first timer or long-time doer, all are welcome to put movement into mission.

Walking on a sculpture tour in Eau Claire, WI, as a Move 4 Mission.

What Will the Funds Support?

Every dollar raised will support the mission of United Women in Faith, benefiting women, children, and youth.

How Can You Participate?

  • Host or Attend an Event: Participate in or organize a Move 4 Mission event.

Share Your Move 4 Mission Events

Connect with other participants by joining our online Facebook group. Share pictures of your events, post about your fundraising successes, and inspire others to get moving. Let’s build a community of changemakers across the nation!

Start Your Move 4 Mission Event Today:

Ways to Give:

  • Online: Create your event donation form: Click here
  • By Check:
    • United Women in Faith, Attn: Development
      777 United Nations Plaza, 11th Floor
      Church Center for the United Nations
      New York, NY 10017
      Write “Move4Mission” in the memo section
      *Indicate your conference, district, and local unit so your conference will receive credit.


Call: 800-278-7771

Let’s Move 4 Mission together and create a positive change in the lives of women, children, and youth!

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