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Voices from the Field: Update from Ukraine

Reporting from inside Ukraine and its neighbors with speakers from the Women’s Peace Dialogue Platform

Join our special guests Tuesday, October 25, at 12 noon U.S. Eastern Time / 6 p.m. Eastern European Time.

Over 6 months since the start of Russian aggression against Ukraine, fighting continues and women, children, and civilians are bombed and killed every day. Ukrainians’ resistance has grown even stronger fighting for the just patriotic cause of defending their country.

United Women in Faith continues to assist our partners in Ukraine with emergency food, hygiene items, blankets, psychological support, facilitation of self-help groups, and more. Join us to hear the latest update from Women’s Peace Dialogue Platform members as they continue to work tirelessly and report from Ukraine and other neighboring countries.

What began as an effort by United Methodist Women in 2015 to bring Ukrainian and Russian women together to talk peace, has evolved into a permanent regional forum called the Women’s Peace Dialogue Platform. The members spoke about the situation, support, and actions of this unique forum at our Voices on Ukraine event in March 2022. Meet these courageous women again to hear directly from them how your Mission Giving helps the people of Ukraine persevere under continuous bombardment and shelling.

Learn firsthand information about what is happening on the ground, how the Women’s Peace Dialogue Platform members are helping in a real war situation, and why women’s inclusion in all peace processes is more critical than ever.


Olena Suslova
Women’s Information Consultative Center (WICC), Ukraine

Anastasia Nenka
Women’s Information Consultative Center (WICC), Ukraine

Julia Kharashvili
Chairperson of IDP Women Association “Consent,” Georgia

Iluta Lāce
Founder and Director, MARTA Centre, Latvia

Oksana Guida
Founder and Head of Kremenchuk Anti-corruption Centre, Ukraine

Tymofii Saitarly
Head of Safe Space NGO, Zaporizhzhia, Ukraine

Moderator: Tatiana Dwyer
International Programs, United Women in Faith

The event will be held in English.

Register here for the virtual event.

The quarterly Voices from the Field events feature leaders sharing their work and life stories, daily challenges, hopes, and dreams. This conversation series highlights United Women in Faith initiatives that significantly improve the lives of women, children, and youth down the block and around the world.

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