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Norma Dollaga

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World Methodist Peace Award Goes to Filipina Deaconess

The World Methodist Council has awarded Deaconess Norma Dollaga the World Methodist Peace Award.

Dollaga received the honor on April 5, 2024, based largely on her advocacy for the right of the poor not to be killed in a government campaign against drug use.

Dollaga is a graduate of United Women in Faith’s historic partner Harris Memorial College, and she works closely with regional missionary Emma Cantor in the Philippines.

Norma Dollaga
Norma Dollaga leads women in a Valentine’s Day protest in Manila on February 14, 2019.

Dollaga has struggled heroically to forge the justice that makes for peace in her conflict-ridden homeland. When a campaign against the use of illegal drugs became a government-sanctioned war against the poor who used drugs, Dollaga became an outspoken advocate for the right of the poor not to be killed.  With collaboration from Deaconess Rubylin Litao and a coalition of church activists and volunteer lawyers, Dollaga formed Rise Up for Life and for Rights. As the bodies piled up, Rise Up started documenting the violence and providing economic and psychosocial support for victims’ families.

Read the full story in the upcoming July/August issue of response magazine.

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