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2014-2021 Press Releases

United Methodist Women Announces 2020-2024 Board, Program Advisory Group

August 18, 2020, NEW YORK—United Methodist Women today announced the names of its new 25-member board of directors and a new Program Advisory Group for the 2020-2024 quadrennium.

Conference United Methodist Women delegates elected 20 new directors to represent their respective areas in virtual jurisdiction meetings convened in June after the physical meetings were canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Five additional directors were selected by the extended governance committee of the outgoing board to enhance age and racial diversity of the board. A nominating committee from the outgoing board also named members to serve on the organization’s Program Advisory Group for the upcoming quadrennium.

The new board and Program Advisory Group will be voted in at United Methodist Women’s annual meeting in October.

Nominated officers for the new board are:

President: Ainise Isama’u | California Pacific Conference
Vice President: Cynthia Rives | North Texas Conference
Secretary: Bethany Amey Sutton | Greater New Jersey Conference
Chair, Finance: Heidi J. Careaga | Wisconsin Conference
Chair, Governance:  Daryl Junes Joe | New Mexico Conference

The 20 board members elected in by United Methodist Women Jurisdiction meeting delegates are:

North Central Jurisdiction
Ruby Anderson | Michigan Conference
Dawn Armstrong | Dakotas Conference
Krishna Heyward | Indiana Conference
Roxie Hutsell | West Ohio Conference

Lynn Calvert | Iowa Conference
Camille McCaskill | Illinois Great Rivers

Northeast Jurisdiction
Colleen F. Cates | Baltimore-Washington Conference
Valerie Clark | Upper New York Conference
Hazel McIntosh | New York Conference
Denise-Nicole Stone | Western Pennsylvania Conference

Yvonne Bouknight | Greater New Jersey Conference
Denise Snyder | Peninsula Delaware Conference

South Central Jurisdiction
Darlene R. Alfred | Central Texas Conference
Daryl Junes Joe | New Mexico Conference
Cynthia Rives | North Texas Conference
Louise Niemann | Great Plains Conference

Lynn Baker | Arkansas Conference
Cynthia Johnson | Rio Texas Conference

Southeastern Jurisdiction
Haejin Ban | North Georgia Conference
Deloris Carhee | North Georgia Conference
Betty Helms | Alabama-West Florida Conference
Caroline Martin | Tennessee Conference
Melba McCallum | North Carolina Conference
Debra Payne | North Alabama Conference

Kim Eller | Western North Carolina Conference
Tonya Lanier | Western North Carolina Conference

Western Jurisdiction
Estella Wallace | Pacific Northwest Conference
Jana Jones | Mountain Sky Conference

Roselyn Moy Collins | Oregon-Idaho Conference
Mele Faiva Manu-Blagojevich | California-Pacific Conference

The five additional board members are:
Heidi J. Careaga | Wisconsin Conference
Ainise Isama’u | California Pacific Conference
Bethany Amey Sutton | Greater New Jersey Conference
Pearl Thomas | Oklahoma Indian Missionary Conference
Magdala Edmond | Florida Conference

All board members also serve on the Program Advisory Group, as do United Methodist Women Regional Missionaries and representatives from several United Methodist general agencies and the World Federation of Methodist and Uniting Church Women.

Jurisdiction presidents become members of the Program Advisory Group upon election. Other names listed are nominees to be voted on at the October organizational meeting of the board.

Program Advisory Group nominees are:

North Central Jurisdiction
Marchelle Phelps | Michigan Conference | Jurisdiction President
Rita Carter | Iowa Conference
Kim Harris | Minnesota Conference
Sandra Hodge | East Ohio Conference
Rita L. Smith | Northern Illinois Conference
Alice Staley | Illinois Great River Conference

Northeastern Jurisdiction
Mikele Haskins-Delmore | Baltimore-Washington Conference | Jurisdiction President
Roberta Bragan | New England Conference
Inez Freeman | Peninsula-Delaware Conference
Janet Mills | Eastern Pennsylvania Conference
Judy Raines | West Virginia Conference
Phyllis Terwilliger | Susquehanna Conference

South Central Jurisdiction
Ellen Lipsey | New Mexico Conference | Jurisdiction President
Stephenae Carey | Louisiana Conference
Madison Bishop | Central Texas Conference
Olhivia Abigail Gutierrez | Rio Texas Conference
Diana Hendricks | Arkansas Conference
Jerrie Lindsey | Oklahoma Conference
Paulette Moore-Hall | Texas Conference
Katie Willis | Missouri Conference
Pam Zwickey | Northwest Texas Conference

Southeastern Jurisdiction
Sue Owens | South Carolina Conference | Jurisdiction President
Sara Bankhead | South Georgia Conference
Beth Brown | Memphis Conference
Lynice Broyles | Holston Conference
Karen McElfish | Virginia Conference
Oneida McIntosh | Red Bird Missionary
Jennifer Noel | Florida Conference
Samoria Jacquel Session | South Carolina Conference
Mary Simpson | Mississippi Conference
Sherry Sink | Western North Carolina
Charlotte Smith | Kentucky Conference

Western Jurisdiction
Bonita Miller | Alaska Conference | Jurisdiction President
Sherri Hill | Mountain Sky Conference
Dixie Jacky | Oregon-Idaho Conference
Jennifer Miller | Alaska Conference
Marilyn Reid | Pacific Northwest Conference
Yuni Rueda Barrera | Oregon-Idaho Conference
Kathy Lynne Schock | Desert Southwest Conference
Marlene Ward | California-Nevada Conference

Regional Missionaries
Catherine Akale | Cameroon
Emma Cantor | Asia and the Pacific Islands
Hikari Chang | Japan
Grace Musuka | Central Africa
Finda Quiwa | Sub-Saharan Africa
Serna Samuel | Caribbean
Elmira Sellu | West Africa Central and East Africa Annual Conferences
Andrea Reily Rocha Soares | Latin America

United Methodist Women, the largest U.S. denominational women’s mission organization, supports programs to empower women and improve life for women, children, and youth in the United States and internationally since 1869.

United Methodist Women is the women’s mission organization within the United Methodist Church focused on the needs of women, children, and youth for more than 150 years.


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