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2014-2021 Press Releases

United Methodist Women Condemns Attacks on U.S. Capitol in D.C.

WASHINGTON, D.C. — United Methodist Women deplored today’s attack on the U.S. Capitol in Washington, D.C., and urged members to offer prayers for the nation and unite across political perspectives to uphold the nation and its institutions of democracy.

The organization also reiterated its commitment to peaceful assemblies and protests, affirmed the peaceful transfer of power under the U.S. electoral system, and strongly opposed any attempt to subvert the results of the election.

“We call loyal citizens to repudiate this unhinged fringe that attacked the Capitol today,” said Harriett J. Olson, CEO and general secretary of United Methodist Women. “This is the time to renew our commitment to our representative democracy and take up the hard work of finding ways to come together after the flames of divisiveness have wreaked havoc on the bonds that unite us.”

Emily Jones, United Methodist Women Executive for Racial Justice, said the violence at the Capitol stemmed from longtime White supremacist organizing.

“What we are seeing in D.C. is the fruit of longtime White supremacist organizing that we glimpsed in recent similar protests in which the Black Lives Matter banners were burned at historically African American churches in D.C., including our own Asbury United Methodist Church.

“The mob behavior today reflects the extraordinary entitlement of White privilege: violent White protesters stormed the Capitol and threatened democratically elected legislators performing their Constitutional duties as President Trump offered tacit praise and encouragement to the mob.

“If law enforcement can demonstrate this much restraint with wantonly violent gangs when they’re White, then how can we justify as ‘inevitable’ or ‘normal’ that people of color — Black and Native people, especially — who have committed far lesser crimes or no offense at all are regularly killed and injured by law enforcement?”

United Methodist Women joins people of faith around the country in praying for peace and justice for the nation.

United Methodist Women is the women’s mission organization within the United Methodist Church, focused on the needs of women, children, and youth for more than 150 years.


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