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United Women in Faith Opposes Supreme Court EPA Ruling

For Immediate Release

NEW YORK, July 5, 2022 – After the Supreme Court ruled, in a 6-3 opinion, to limit the Environmental Protection Agency’s ability to regulate emissions from power plants, which would help address the climate crisis, United Women in Faith Director of Mobilization and Advocacy Elizabeth Chun Hye Lee issued the following statement:   

“The Supreme Court decision in West Virginia v. EPA signals a major setback in the fight against the climate crisis. It limits the Environmental Protection Agency’s ability to set effective standards needed to reduce greenhouse gas pollution from coal and gas fired power plants under the Clean Air Act. 

“As women of faith called to steward the earth and care for one another, we are deeply concerned about the Court’s low regard for frontline communities. Extreme heat, wildfires, and intensifying storms are already disproportionately impacting women and girls around the world and devastating Black, Indigenous, Latino, Asian American, Pacific Islander and low-wealth communities in the United States. As the largest cumulative climate polluter, this is a significant blow to the U.S.’s ability to reduce climate pollution and keep the fossil fuel industry in check. 

“The Court’s decision raises many uncertainties and could impact more than just climate; it could threaten the government’s ability to enforce laws surrounding public health, worker’s rights, clean air and water, and much more. The decision could result in reduced funding for national clean energy transition. 

“With oil and gas prices rising and climate impacts intensifying, it is even more imperative that Congress pass ambitious climate justice funding so that the nation can jumpstart a clean renewable energy transition. For their part, states must redouble their efforts to drastically reduce emissions in their states. And the EPA still must exercise its authority to cut climate pollution.
“We urge the Biden administration to use all the powers of the executive office to act quickly and address the climate crisis.” 


Contact: Yvette Moore, Director of PR and Marketing, United Women in Faith,

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