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General Conference

General Conference begins

Stay connected to United Women in Faith during the United Methodist General Conference

The long-awaited United Methodist General Conference is upon us! The 2020 conference taking place in 2024 begins Tuesday April 23 and ends on Friday May 3. United Women in Faith will be there to make sure no one makes decisions about us without us and to help ensure the church prioritizes women, children, and youth.

How will we present? We have legislation on which delegates will be voting, a lounge for central conference women delegates, a shared exhibit with our fellow agencies, women’s briefings, a climate vigil, and a plenary presentation. We’ll also be sharing news and stories and lifting up many prayers.

This week delegates will meet in legislative committees to review more than one thousand petitions before coming back together as a full body in plenary to vote on the legislation that passed the committees. Legislative committees end Saturday April 27 and legislative plenary begins Monday April 29.

The conference kicks off today at 2 p.m. with opening worship. You can catch the proceedings at the General Conference livestream.

Bringing women together

In the leadup to General Conference, United Women in Faith joined the General Commission on the Status and Role of Women for two briefings: one for central conference women delegates and a second for all women serving as delegates.

Check out our first story on the central conference women’s briefing, and stay tuned for stories on Monday’s briefing and our Earth Day vigil. You can watch the video of vigil on First United Methodist Church Charlotte’s Facebook page.

Do not miss our deaconess and home missioner consecration on Monday April 29 at 8 a.m. followed by our plenary presentation at 10:20 a.m. Mark your calendars!

Follow along

This blog will be regularly updated as the conference progresses—and you can get exclusive content by signing up for our free Member Portal. Be sure to sign up for our newsletter as well. You can also join our General Conference space on our digital community, and you’ll find news and photos on our social media as well.

Here are the links:

Resources from The United Methodist Church:

The United Methodist Church cannot make disciples of Christ for the transformation of the world without women’s voices.  Thank you for your support.

Cover photo by Mike DuBose for United Methodist News.

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